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Couture Service


It's All in the Details....

Once we have decided on the design for your garment, our experienced team will create and handcraft your custom garment.


Michaela will work with you to select special details, define the best shape and choose from a wide variety of colours, fabrics, laces and silk and embellishment. She will offer her expert design opinion based on your specific desires. 


Your Couture garment will be finished between 6 to 8 weeks. We will hand wrap your piece in a beautiful gift box after which you have the option to receive it at home, or you may collect in person.

Your unique pattern will be dated and privately stored with us for any future garments you may wish to commission.


Get in touch with our studio to find out what kind of bespoke services  we can offer without an in-house fitting. 

Perfectly tailored to your unique shape 

Michaela Stark's iconic body morphing corsetry and fashion is designed to sculpt and accentuate your unique curves. She believes that clothing, especially form fitting clothing, is the most beautiful when it is made to honour the body of individual wearer.


Whether you want to use your body to provoke, or just simply a beautiful outfit to wear to an event, Michaela and her team can create an exquisite, hand crafted piece just for you. 

Michaela has an eye for perfection, right down to the tiny detail. Her couture is beautifully constructed, delicate, detailed and totally unique - crafted each different person's needs. 

First consultation and fitting

Consultations are available in our London studio. We are here give you a full fantasy look, whether that be a custom corset, a full look a special gift or bespoke bridal lingerie. Once the design has been completed, we will then arrange your fitting appointment with Michaela in London. 

To get in touch to set your first appointment please email:

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