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Lace Short Panties

Lace Short Panties


Booty shorts is made of stretch French lace trimming with a scalloped edge and a cotton jersey gusset. The shorts, which can be worn a bike shorts, or panties, are soft and comfortable, and move with your body. 


This is a limited edition item. We can only make 35 as it is created using deadstock fabric. 


Fabrication and Care: 

Fabric Main: Stretch Lace: 90% polyamid, 10% Elastane 

Gusset: Jersey, 100% Cotton 


Care instructions: Cold Handwash



As part of our sustainability mission, our garments are made from dead stock fabric, sourced from luxury and Couture fashion houses in France, Italy and England. 

Using deadstock helps to reduce waste, lower our carbon footprint and saves on the natural resources required to make new fabrics. 



This item is currently available for pre-order, and will be shipped by May 17, 2024. 

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