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Body Morphing Wrap Belt

Body Morphing Wrap Belt


The classic ‘Michaela Stark’ body-morphing accessory. Wear it as a classic wrap belt, a cunty top, or however you like! 


The wrap belt is made with boning to give it structure, and picot edge elastic so it stays tight to your skin when you wear it out.


It is designed as an accessory to let you play, experiment and create your own look.  It is inspired by Michaela Stark’s early work, where she would spend endless hours experimenting alone in her room with a single piece of pink taffeta, seeing how it can morphing her body into new shapes. 


We have taken that idea, and elevated it into a fully functioning garment. The images show some of the infinite ways the wrap belt can be styled. We would love to see how you wear it! 


This is a limited edition item, as it is created using deadstock fabric. 


Fabrication and Care: 

Fabric: 30% Silk, 70% Polyester


Care instructions:

Cold hand wash.



As part of our sustainability mission, this garment is made from deadstock fabric, sourced from luxury and Couture fashion houses in France, Italy and England. Using deadstock helps to reduce waste, lower our carbon footprint and saves on the natural resources required to make new fabrics. 


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